Cognitive Tools develops decision support models (DSMs) that helps organisations to make decision making a more structured and transparant proces. The function of DSMs is to bring structure to the decision process by helping decisionmakers focus on objectives and their relative importance to the organisation. Usually, a decision boils down to making a single choice amongst several options given a set of requirements and constraints that the final solution will have to comply with. A structured approach to tackling decision problems implies helping users to explicate the alternative options to a decision problem, and to support them to come up with a profile of requirements and constraints that the options have to comply with. Hence, DSMs essentially enable decisionmakers to effectively rate options against their goals to determine the best solution.

Cognitive Tools offers both support for the analysis of decision problems and the design and development of DSMs. Analysis and design will be performed using the structured approach DA (Decision Analysis). The actual development of DSMs will be based on DECYS, a shell for the development of Decision Support Systems.