Demo DECYS Knowledge Investments

Investments can make and break a company. Imagine a situation in which the board of your organization decides that the company's current scope is too small and that the potential market should be broadened. In order to achieve this, new markets should be entered. Consequently, the decision makers in this organization have to decide between a number of potential knowledge investments projects that are being proposed from within the organization. One may simply weigh the cons and pros, but some factors may be more important than others. There are numerous factors that come to play in such a choice. Will the own organisation be able to successfully develop the product, for a reasonable price and within reasonable time? Will the account and marketing organisation be able to open the market, and shall there be a market with sufficient potential? These are among the many questions that have to be answered.

One of the applications of DECYS is a tool that supports this decision process. This tool provides a structure during the decision process that offers insight into the quality factors that affect the success of the R&D investment based on the decision support model for knowledge investment by Monna and Calzone (2001). The quality factors focus on internal organisation factors, market factors and factors that affect the interface between the organisation and the market. The method is especially suited to systematically improve the quality of an R&D investment and to estimate its possible success.

You can view a limited demo version for Windows of the DECYS Knowledge Investments application by clicking the corresponding link. Remember, it doesn't take the decision making process out of your hands, but helps and assists during the whole process by providing extra information in the form of intranets and offering a structured approach to keep track of the different factors and their importance.


Calzone. R.F. & Monna, G.L.E. (2001). Beslismodel voor kennisinvesteringen. Afstudeerscriptie Universiteit Nyenrode. PML 2001-IN16. TNO-Prins Maurits Laboratorium. Delft.