DSS Resources Rich collection of resources related to Decision Support Systems
Spatial Decision Support Systems Collection of resources about systems based on the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.
Decision Sciences Institute Rich collection of resources related to Decision Sciences


Decision Support Systems Technologically oriented journal on Decision Support Systems
Management Science Scientifically oriented journal that addresses interests and concerns of organizational decision-makers.
Decision Science Journal that publishes articles about decision making in public and private organizations utilizing behavioral, economic, and quantitative methods of analysis
Journal of multi-criteria decision analysis Scientific journal that discusses all aspects of research, application and evaluation of multi-criteria decision analysis
Theory and decision An international journal for multidisciplinary advances in decision science


Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting Date: November 22-25, 2003 Location: Washington, D.C
Decision Sciences Institute International Meeting Date: July 04-08, 2003 Location: Shanghai, China
The Americas Conference on Information Systems Date: August 4-6, 2003 Location: Tampa, Florida, USA
Annual International Conference on Information Systems Date: December 14-17, 2003 Location: Seattle, USA
European Conference on Symbolic and Quantitative Approaches to Reasoning with Uncertainty Date: July 2-5, 2003 Location: Aalborg, Denmark
3rd International Symposium on Imprecise Probabilities and Their Applications Date: July 14-17 2003 Location: Lugano, Switzerland
Western Decision Sciences Institute Meeting Date: April 13-17, 2004 Location: Isla Navidad, Mexico

Working groups

NGI Afdeling Management en Informatica Dutch working group on management and information science
IFIP Working Group 8.3 International federation for information processing
Decision Analysis Society of INFORMS It promotes the development and use of logical methods for the improvement of decision-making in public and private enterprises


Department of Statistics and Decision Support Systems University of Vienna
The Research Unit of Decision Support Systems Aalborg University
Decision Support Systems University of Utrecht
Decision Analysis and System Dynamics Resources Arizona State University