SWI-Prolog Technical Support

By signing up for a support contract your problems are guaranteed to get attention, while at the same time you secure the financial basis of the SWI-Prolog project. Cognitive Tools offers the following support-contracts `off-the-shelf'. Please mail us for dedicated contracts.

Basic Support Sign up now
A Basic Support Contract guarantees reply on bug-reports on SWI-Prolog or one of its stable packages With priority we try to provide you with a patch or work-around for the problem. The anual fee for Basic Support is 500 euro, excluding VAT.
Premium Support Sign up now
In addition to Basic Support, with Premium Support we comment on your design or code and help you to reach an optimal design and implementation. Advisory support is limited to 10 hours. The anual fee for Premium Support is 1000 euro, excluding VAT.
Support contracts are carried out under the Cognitive Tools Support Agreement for SWI-Prolog.

General definitions and conditions
All support contracts assume one contact person within your organisation. We charge 50% extra for each additional contact person, however, in the case of Premium Support, the number of advisory support hours is limited to a total of 10 hours. If an organisation whishes additional advisory support hours, an additional full rate support contract can be acquired, or separate hours advisory support can be bought at a rate of 100 euro p/h excl. VAT.
Standard platforms are the platforms for which we provide binaries from the download page
Multiple platforms
All support contracts assume one standard SWI-Prolog platform. We charge 30% extra for each additional standard platform.
Non-standard platforms
We can only accept non-standard platforms if the user can provide us with remote access to their machines. The user is responsible for the required compilation and debugging tools. The user should be aware that not all functionality can be realised on all platforms. When in doubt, please contact us to evaluate whether the desired functionality can be realised and supported on the platform of your choice. We charge 30% extra for Unix-like platforms. Please contact us for other platforms.